145+ Instagram Captions For Guys-Classy, Short, Cool, Savage And Badass Captions

By | October 3, 2022

Whether you are a guy or posting a pic on Instagram with a guy, to think of a perfect Instagram caption for guys is hard. But now no worries, just focus on your picture because we have got a long list of Instagram captions for guys. We all know that words can enhance a picture by telling a story, providing context, or adding some mystery.

So adding Instagram captions or Instagram captions for guys is a must kind of thing to boost your followers and likes on social media platforms. A lot of Instagram posts speak for themselves, so when you are in a rush to get something posted and don’t have much time to think or tap on your keyboard then keep it simple and classy by using short Instagram captions for guys.

It’s very natural to share your happiness with others whether you are splashing a general smile in a selfie or capturing the view of a football ground a nice Instagram caption for guys that captures the joy and happiness you are feeling can be contagious to your followers. 

So check below the list of Instagram captions for guys.

Instagram Captions For Guys

Guys Instagram Captions

Make today so awesome, yesterday gets jealous

Men may live fools, but fools cannot die.

Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters.

Life is all about being happy.

A good guy is like a four-leaf clover lucky to have but hard to find.

A woman is, but a man must become.

You are busy doubting yourself while so many people are intimidated by your potentials.

I’m having one of those days where my middle finger is answering all my questions.

Turn ya savage up and lose ya feelings

Let them throw shade now, they will run to you for shade when it gets hot.

Be awesome today.

When you stop chasing, they start noticing.

They criticize you too much because they wish they were you.

Why stress yourself while you can be the best.

Inside every man is a beast that protects a queen.

Love is stupid, until it is about you.

Saturdays are for the boys.

Life is too short to mend broken hearts, buy a new one.

I never worry about my looks, my parents are responsible.

Does this selfie make me look fat?

A real man protects and perseveres.

Best Instagram Captions For Guys

You are what I need in my life.

The most adorable thing in life.

The difference between what you are and what you want to be is the effort you put.

Nobody is perfect. That’s why pencils have erasers.

I am not feeling lazy. I am just incredibly motivated to do nothing.

Real men don’t just take selfies, they trend!

I am not feeling lazy. I am just incredibly motivated to do nothing.

I’m up right now, and you suck right now.

Nobody is perfect. That’s why pencils have erasers.

I need a six month holiday, twice a year

I Was Born Intelligent But Girls Ruined Me?

Make more moves and fewer announcements.

Tell me not to do something and I will do it twice and take pictures.

Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke.

Me, myself, and I.

I’m gracing you with my presence.

At least this balloon is attracted to me!

A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.

Success cannot be achieved by sitting back and waiting.

A man who does not work-out shall not eat.

Classy Captions For Guys

Classy is a style statement in this modern era. Simple and classy is what these days going crazy for. So we are sharing classy captions for guys. These classy captions for guys are capable enough to make your post classy and decent at the same time. Just check our list of classy captions for guys and enjoy the reviews you get for your post because of such a classy caption for guys.

Classy Captions For Guys

Choose your path, I have chosen mine.

We are graduated from the University of Selfie.

Don’t study me; you won’t graduate

Don’t stop until you’re proud

The fewer men think the more they talk.

Sometimes, I honestly just don’t understand my own feelings only.

Hating me doesn’t make you look better.

And suddenly sad songs are not sad enough.

Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family.

Success is never for the average.

Whatever sprinkles your donuts?

Judge me when you are perfect.

I love you more than chocolate.

Out of the billions of smiles, yours is the one that steals my heart.

The most beautiful world is the smile of a mother.

Cool Instagram Captions For Guys

Cool and guys, this is the trending combination these days. So cool guys add with your post some cool Instagram captions for guys. Every guy wants to get more likes and views on Instagram for personality and profile building. if you want to get more views then buy real Instagram views to grow your profile fast.

Given down is a list of cool Instagram captions for guys. Check them and get the best one for you.

I think you’re suffering from a lack of vitamin me.

They call me ranch cuz I will be dressing.

We got that Friday feeling.

I can remove most of your beauty from a wet wipe.

A man without confidence has nothing.

By the way, I’m wearing the smile you gave me.

Bro codes are forever.

When you can’t find happiness, be happy.

Working myself out for greater things.

Making money is hard, being poor is hard, choose your hard.

How did I get back to my crib last night?

Think before you come for the great one.

I do not lick boots or butts.

Do your best in whatever you lay your hands on.

Bitch, I want to slap you, but I don’t know which face.

Savage Instagram Captions For Guys

Who I am? That’s a secret.

The best cologne for a man is sweat from his hard work.

They love me for my six cars, not six-pack.

A man does not narrate his achievements, they speak on his behalf.

A good guy is like a four-leaf clover lucky to have but hard to find.

Guess what, she has stolen my heart, she makes me go crazy.

Human misery is too great for men to do without faith.

Men are born to succeed, not to fail.

You either live real life or on Instagram.

If it doesn’t open….It’s not your door.

I have everything under control.

I am the angel God said he would send your way.

“Think before you come for the great one.” —Drake

Catch flights, not Feelings.

No one will ever be as entertained by us as us.

Short Instagram Captions For Guys

Captions For Guys

I’ve finally counted.

Never try to fit it, STAND OUT.

Just the two of us.

My excuse is that I’m young.

Some days start better than others.

Hard choices have to be made right now

You are what I need in my life.

After a while, you just want to be with the one who makes you laugh.

Men don’t sweat over nothing.

You’ve stolen a pizza of my heart.

Men aren’t necessities. They’re luxuries.

When you treat people the same way you treat them, people get upset.

My mama doesn’t like you, and she wants everyone.

Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.

I am Nobody…Nobody is perfect therefore I am Perfect.

No one will ever be as entertained by us as us.

Good Instagram Captions For Guys

Men will be Always Men.

Having fun is my choice

We’ve been friends for so long I can’t remember which one is the bad influence

If you have come all this way to see my photo, then I like it.

Every man is already a king, you just need to curve your kingdom.

It is a responsibility that ruins the fun of adulthood.

A man who does not work-out shall not eat.

By the way, I’m wearing the smile you gave me.

There’s a hole in my heart where you use to be.

If you cannot beat them, organize to have them beaten.

Oh, you’re a model? What’s your agency, Instagram?

My new style, my new fashion

You couldn’t handle me even if I came with instructions.

I can be useful sometimes, you only need to request for a hand

I’m just saying,’ you could do better.

Cute Instagram Captions For Guys

If you have enough guts then you say it to my face and not through your status updates.

Be very careful of people whose words don’t match their actions

Love is stupid until it is about you.

Don’t be jealous of my new looks

Every man must create something, consuming is for girls.

Guys have no idea how long something they said can stay in a girl’s mind.

You smell like drama and a headache. Please get away from me.

Click twice to see the latest boyfriend material.

Men do not fail, they give up trying.

No skydiver ever complained that his parachute did not work!

I don’t have today but tomorrow is different

The good things in life are better with you.

I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.

So vegetarians are trying to save animals by eating their food?

I’m not here to fit into your world. I’m here to make my own.

Losers focus on winners, Winners focus on winning.

Badass Instagram Captions For Guys

Last night was blue.

Let them hate. Just make sure they spell your name right.

Find a place in life that suits you – and own it. Well

It takes grace to remain kind in cruel situations.

New habits developing slowly.

Work like a CAPTAIN…Play like a PIRATE.

The best people in life, don’t have everything, they make use of what they have.

An apple a day will keep anyone away if you throw it hard enough.

Swag is not something you wear, it is something you are born with.

When I am low, it does not mean it’s the end of the world.

Ice Cream is Cheaper than Therapy.

I woke up with a good attitude every day, and then idiots happen.

Tuning in and right on the top.

You will surely die of rejection if you live for other people’s acceptance.

There’s always a wild side to an innocent face.

Clear your mind of any negativity in life.

A good guy is like a four leaf clover lucky to have but hard to find.

All I need: Wi-Fi, Food, Bed.

Don’t talk, just act. Don’t say, just show. Don’t promise, just prove.

How much pain do you have to go through until giving up is okay?

There’s no ‘we’ in fries.

Click twice to seen the latest boyfriend material.

I decide the vibe.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

If you have come all the way to see my photo, then like it.

Good things come to those who hustle.

I’m not here to fit into your world. I’m here to make my own.

Want to ride in an Ark? I Noah a guy…

I didn’t come here to lose.

Sorry if I look interested. I’m not…

Invest the now in tomorrow’s dream.

If you want to succeed, you have to let failure be your best friend!

Real men don’t just take selfies, they trend!

I was there for myself when no one else.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Block the bullshit before they infect you.

We do not go to the gym for mere smiles.

Guys Captions For Instagram

I use criticism to know how far I have left my enemies behind.

Home is not a place it’s a feeling.

Every innocent face has a wild side.

There’s nothing better than being yourself.

A man who does not work-out shall not eat.

The glory of a man is built on the doubts of those around him.

I’m not always sarcastic sometimes I’m sleeping.

The luckiest a man can get is his talent.

I woke up like this.

Be a Warrior, not a Worrier.

Always focused on being happy.

Hustle until your haters ask if you’re hiring.

I do not know why ladies love my photos!

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