136+Axe Throwing Captions For Instagram-Funny 2023

By | February 27, 2023

Axe throwing is frequently compared to a game of horseshoes and darts, but with a larger target and more dramatic outcomes. The participant who scores the most points or hits the target the closest to the bullseye is declared the winner.

A great activity for a party, date, or bachelor/bachelorette party is axe throwing. Of course, it’s also a fantastic way to decompress.

Additionally, you don’t have to be an athlete to appreciate it. Just make sure you abide by the guidelines, and don’t hesitate to seek assistance.

If you want to share your passion for axe throwing with the world and explain how it is both competitive and enjoyable as well as a fantastic form of exercise and stress release, look no further than these axe throwing captions.

We’re here to help you come up with the best Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook captions for your axe-throwing pictures so they’ll be original and amazing.

Axe Throwing Captions

Axe Throwing Captions
  • Do I get extra points for wearing Axe Body Spray to axe throwing?
  • Lumberjack
  • I can’t wait to try this axe throwing activity with my friends.
  • Add some excitement to your weekend and come try out axe throwing! You might just find your new favorite hobby ??
  • Throw like a girl
  • If you like fun, check it out #axethrowing.
  • It’s not complicated. If you want to throw axes, then do it.
  • You had me at axe throwing
  • What happens when you merge classic American past-times like bowling and axe-throwing? A throw-down that’ll make a lumberjack cry ‘uncle.’.
  • A night of axe throwing.. beer drinking.. good food and friends. Someone pass me a guitar. #awesome.
  • This June, let the people try throwing axes and enjoy this without any expenditure.
  • No Grind. Just Axes.
  • Keep chuckin’
  • Feeling perky this Monday? We suggest a double-shot of adventure. Try axe-throwing with friends ??.
  • Get ready for Canada’s fastest-growing sport with our new facility at Yonge and Sheppard. #axethrowing.
  • Throw back a beer with this stellar group of hilarious axe throwing people.
  • Guys Night Out Getaway with a lot of axe throwing.
  • Here’s something that’s #newandimproved in 2022: my #axethrowing skills!
  • Hit the bullseye with my #badass technique ??
  • Bullseye
  • Never underestimate the power of a good sharp blade. We’re throwing axes this weekend! .
  • The new ruler of our kingdom is a total savage. He’s decided to axe the entire forest, just with his axe.
  • Throwback to a few blog posts ago about what we are most excited about, the new Axe Throwing opening in Boston, can’t wait to check out.
  • May, on this day, people join together and spread awareness about this beautiful sport.

Axe Throwing Captions For Instagram

  • Testing out my new hobby with my friends! #safetyfirst
  • Cut it out
  • A man climbed a tree while he was holding his axe. He dropped it on an innocent bystander walking below.
  • I love blue balls
  • Celebrate the weekend with an axe throwing outing. If you’re not careful, you may discover a newfound hobby.
  • The biology teacher asked her students, “what separates your head from your body?” The student answered, “the axe!
  • I was really disappointed when the axe I bought to climb trees ended up being useless. It was a total anti-climb axe.
  • Everything goes great with some axe throwing.
  • Once upon a time, I threw an axe. And loved it. Do you?.
  • Axe throwing is my superpower
  • It’s a fun, inclusive, and accessible activity to release your mental stress and to be mentally healthy and good.
  • Blue balls aren’t always a bad thing
  • Stumped
  • I’m just here to put on a show and throw some axes!
  • Things are about to get heated #axethrowing
  • Relax and throw an axe
  • Axe-throwing is like shuffleboard on steroids.

Funny Axe Throwing Captions

Funny Axe Throwing Captions
  • Join us for our Axe-throwing league, and you’ll never remain the same.
  • Ready to let loose and have some fun at the #axethrowing range!
  • Feel at ease. Take a breath. Unclench. You’re in good hands with this axe-throwing, beer-drinking, relaxing-all-around activity.
  • Let’s bury the hatchet
  • Never underestimate the power of a good sharp blade. We’re throwing axes this weekend.
  • Kill shot
  • I live for axe throwing
  • I’m sexy and I throw it
  • The axe mentioned to the wood, “I need to axe you a question,” but the wood wasn’t having any of it. “Would you cut it out!” he replied.
  • Yesterday I threw a huge axe and it hit my dad’s car making a massive dent in the door. He wasn’t angry though, he knew it was just an axecident.
  • Gone holidaying over the weekend and going back to work on Monday with a brand new axe-throwing skill.
  • There’s nothing more manly than a real feat of strength – and at 5 points, that’s exactly what real axe throwing is.
  • I like axe throwing and like 3 people
  • FeelTheBern Axe Throwing: Where socialists and libertarians come together to compete at being true Americans.
  • My new favorite hobby! Can’t wait to show off my skills at the next neighborhood block party ??
  • Good throw, man! Your axe skills are on fire.
  • This International Axe Throwing Day. Get in touch with your inner sportsman and practice your skills with your loved ones.
  • Celebrate the weekend with an axe-throwing outing. If you’re not careful, you may discover a newfound hobby.
  • Don’t be caught off guard—be sharp, and get ready to throw some axe!
  • World’s okayist axe thrower
  • My happy place
  • Come and throw axes with us, and don’t forget to bring your friends!
  • It’s all about focus and determination!

Cleaver Axe Throwing Captions

  • I’d throw that
  • The biggest difference between a lumberjack and any other profession is that if you’re a lumberjack you’re at risk of getting axed at any point.
  • Experiential marketing that’s stirring up the word of mouth conversation.
  • Ready for a little axe-throwing tonight? I’m so ready.
  • Chop chop
  • Sometimes you just need a break from your daily grind. Hit up an axe-throwing club to unwind and meet new people.
  • Get your throwing arm ready for #halloween with new scents Dirt and Darkness. #?AxeTheHoliday?.
  • World’s okayest axe thrower.
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder at the axe circle.
  • Axe to grind
  • 2 throws max! Keep those axes sharp. #keepthrowing.
  • On target
  • It’s time for some axe throwing.
  • I never knew how satisfying it is to throw an axe until I tried it! If you haven’t tried axe throwing yet, you’re seriously missing out!
  • Enjoy the things you love, whether that’s falling asleep to books or throwing axes. You make every day great.
  • Axe throwing is my own favourite hobby.
  • Axe throwing addict
  • My new hobby: Throwing axes and trying not to demolished the entire house.
  • My newest hobby: turning up the music and throwing axes! So much fun!
  • Throw your axe and have some fun.
  • Let the good times (and axes) fly!
  • I tried axe-throwing for the first time, and it was actually kind of fun (ish).
  • Let’s throw shade. Let’s throw axes. And you know what? Let’s do it with friends.

Best Caption For Axe Throwing

Best Caption For Axe Throwing
  • Knock on wood
  • The man failed at being a standup comedian, but when he retrained, he really excelled in his career as a lumberjack. I wasn’t surprised, he was a total hack.
  • I’d rather be axe throwing
  • Axe throwing king
  • Throwing axes like it’s my day job ??
  • At #AXETHROW School, you’ll learn a couple of moves and then get to warm up with a few rounds of bowling before you head back to the lanes for some axe throwing.
  • Axe throwing is the bacon of hobbies
  • Throwing axes is so much fun! JustMake sure you follow the safety rules, love!
  • Jumping into the weekend with the excitement of axe throwing activity.
  • Axe-throwing is like shuffleboard on steroids. ?????.
  • I like big axes and I cannot lie
  • Swear. Repeat.
  • Defying gravity and societal norms with my unreal axe throwing skills ?? #nofear
  • Learn axe-throwing from the people who know it best. Yeah, that’s me.
  • Throw anxiousness, stress, tension, worries out at Bad Axe Throwing Day. It is fun, chucking sharp objects. Believe you are beautiful and graceful and have faith in God.
  • It’s time for some axe throwing!
  • We built a whole new way to play @axethrowing — where teamwork, camaraderie and competition lead to epic axe-cracking.
  • Axe throwing queen
  • It’s axe o’clock
  • First try
  • Axe throwing squad
  • Learning how to throw an axe is a lot of fun – and a great way to work out some frustration! #axethrowing
  • Get ready to get your axe-throwing skills whipped by the best, that’s me obviously.
  • Never underestimate the power of a good sharp blade. We’re throwing axes this weekend!
  • I was really disappointed when the axe I bought to climb trees ended up being useless. It was a total anti climb axe.

Axe Throwing Quotes For Instagram

  • Life is better with axes
  • Let’s play axe throw! It’s a fun activity for a date or family time. Just try it out.
  • Time to let loose and get my frustration out #axethrowing
  • The lumberjack didn’t know what to do when his axe broke. He was really stumped.
  • Chopping wood and throwing axes has never been so therapeutic!
  • Play like a kid again!!! Join me for some Axe Throwing – It’s going to be so much fun.
  • Put your co-workers in their place, no matter how tall they are, at Latitude 58 axe-throwing.
  • Just the tip
  • The first rule of the axe-throwing club is: Anyone can join. The second rule of the axe-throwing club: throw axes.
  • Taking my frustrations out on some wood #sorrynotsorry
  • Throwing axes is the newest, most bad-ass way to relieve stress ?? #lifeshouldbefun
  • On this day, let’s encourage people to take part in this activity and enjoy themselves.
  • Get in touch with your wild side axe throwing is now available. Axe throwing as a sport is relatively new, but it stems from the same origins as archery and dart throwing.
  • Woodchoppers
  • Feeling extra sharp today
  • I don’t bury hatchets, I throw them
  • May you be mentally relaxed and enjoy the day. Happy International Axe Throwing Day.
  • Trying my hand at a new hobby… #axethrowing
  • Just another day of perfecting my craft. #axethrowing
  • Sharp objects are my jam
  • Drink beer. Throw axes.
  • Now throwing axes and eating pizza is a job.


Axe throwing is an athletic contest. Every day, its popularity grows more and more. If you enjoy playing this game and want to post some axe-throwing images to social media, you’ll need the best captions and quotations. A picture’s description and quote are essential components.

You can express your ideas with  and captions. Finding a suitable caption and quote, however, is not simple.

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