97+Burger Captions For Instagram-About Ideas & Quotes

How many people out there love a burger? Put your hands up. I know some too many people love to eat a burger. As there are so many burger options to choose from, people automatically love any of them. If you will find out your favorite burger then there is no looking back. You will automatically gravitate towards it. As your personality shows through your social media feed, you have to show your interests on your feed. By doing this your followers and many other friends will get to know your choices and likes. And for that, you have to post pictures which show them nicely.

If you love burgers then you have to post pictures in which you are having it or just pictures of the burger. Post them with burger captions.

As the burger is tasty and mouth-watering, you have put tasty-looking burger captions with them. By posting them, you may create tasty-looking food. You can taste various types of burgers and introduce them on your feed with burger captions.

Not everyone knows about such a huge variant of the burger. Let them know about it through your feed and your burger captions. Make a foodie-appropriate feed and they will be so intrigued that they will not be able to return to your feed again and again.

But if you want to do so then you have to click mouth-watering burger pictures and have to post them with the same burger captions. As we have a huge variety of burger captions, you can choose from them.

Burger Captions

Burger Captions For Instagram
Burger Captions For Instagram
  • Who’s The Burger Boss?
  • Saved By Burger.
  • Tomatoes Grow Up To Be Ketchup
  • Burgers Make The World Go Round.
  • I Already Finished My Cheeseburger. Ugh, What A Pickle.
  • Burger + Bacon = Perfect Combo
  • This Burger Has Too Much Cheese, Said No One Ever
  • Nobody Knew They Needed A Smartphone, An Automobile, Or Even A Cheeseburger From A Drive-through Window.
  • When People Pile Seven Things Onto One Burger, It Drives Me Nuts! Bobby Flay
  • It’s Burger O’clock
  • Burgers Cure What Ails You.
  • Treat Yo’self (To A Burger)
  • When Life Throws You A Burger, Eat It.
  • One Can’t Simply Drive Past A Burger Joint.
  • The Only Bad Burger Is The One You Didn’t Eat
  • I’m Into Fitness…fitness Whole Burger In My Mouth
  • This Is Un-burger-lievable!
  • I Only Have Eyes For Burgers And Fries
  • This Is The One And Only Bun For Me.
  • You Can Find Your Way Across This Country Using Burger Joints The Way A Navigator Uses Stars. Charles Kuralt
  • Cheeseburger In Paradise
  • You Can’t Spell “friends” Without “fries”
  • Our Abc’s — Always Be Cheesin’

Best Burger Captions

  • If You Put An Egg On A Burger, You’ve Got Breakfast.
  • Is It A Food Baby? Nah, Just A Burger
  • Burger + Bacon = Perfect Combo!
  • This Burger Has Too Much Cheese, Said No One Ever.
  • Yeah, I Lift…this Burger To My Mouth
  • The Best Stories Ever Told Began With A Burger.
  • Burgermania.
  • Sharing A Burger Is An Intimate Act Of Love, Generosity, And Companionship.
  • Find Someone Who Looks At You Like She’s Looking At This Burger
  • You Either Love Cheese Or You’re Wrong.
  • Keep Climbing,’ He Told Himself. ‘cheeseburgers,’ His Stomach Replied. ‘shut Up,’ He Thought. ‘with Fries,’ His Stomach Complained.
  • Friends With Burger-fits
  • I’m Sorry For What I Said Before I Had My Burger
  • We Go Together Like A Burger And Fries
  • Make Burgers, Not War.
  • Juicy Patty, Good Mouthfeel.
  • Nice To Meat You
  • One Patty, Two Patty, Three Patty, Four…
  • We Take The Hamburger Business More Seriously Than Anyone Else. Ray Kroc
  • There’s No “i” In A Cheeseburger
  • In A Relationship…with This Burger
  • Yeah, I Lift…this Burger To My Mouth.
  • Burger Vibes
  • Saying This Is Just A Cheeseburger Is Like Saying Mona Lisa Is Just A Painting.

Burger Captions For Instagram

  • Snack Attack!
  • I Approve This Bun.
  • That’s What Cheese Said
  • Burgers Are Our Love Language.
  • The French Like Burgers, Madonna And Miami Vice. Nicolas Sarkozy
  • Burgers Make The World Go ‘round
  • Prepare To Meat Your Maker.
  • The First American Word That I Learned Was Cheeseburger.
  • Suns Out, Buns Out.
  • The Meat Is On!
  • Don’t Be Sad. We Live In A Reality Where Burgers Exist.
  • I’m All About Fashion, Cheeseburgers, And Bright Red Lipstick.
  • The Only Vegetables I Eat Are Lettuce On A Burger.
  • I Want A Cheeseburger So Badly But I Have To Be A Vampire In A Few Weeks.
  • Sometimes I Thank God … For Cheeseburgers.
  • We All Need To Make Time For A Burger Once In A While. Erica Durance
  • Say Cheese(Burgers)!
  • Eating Like I Mean It.
  • You Burger Believe It!
  • Perfect Burgers, Perfect Date
  • There’s No “we” In Cheeseburger.
  • If You Put An Egg On A Burger, You’ve Got Breakfast
  • I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry.
  • The Meat Is On.

Burger Captions Ideas

Burger Captions
Burger Captions
  • So…we Meat Again.
  • So Many Burgers, So Little Time.
  • I’m All About Fashion, Cheeseburgers And Bright Red Lipstick.
  • Burger Bae.
  • Satisfying My Hunger.
  • Burger Vibes.
  • Cheeseburgers Are Proof That God Loves Us
  • Only From The Best Cows.
  • Burgers Are Our Love Language
  • Burger Bae
  • Suns Out, Buns Out
  • Once You Kill A Cow, You Gotta Make A Burger. Lady Gaga
  • Homemade Happiness.
  • You Did Something Today To Deserve A Burger.
  • Check Out This Magnificent Beast.
  • You Can Finish That Cheeseburger. I Believe In You
  • It Requires A Certain Kind Of Mind To See Beauty In A Hamburger Bun. Ray Kroc
  • Cheeseburgers Are The Reason Why I Exercise Vigorously.
  • Burger-holic
  • When Life Throws You A Burger, Eat It
  • Eyes On The Fries
  • So… We Meat Again.
  • Nice To Meat You.
  • Did You Know That A Cold Beef Patty Is Called A Brrger?

Caption About Burger

  • Our Pickles Are Kind Of A Big Dill
  • Extra Cheese, Please!
  • My Taste Buds Are Happy.
  • Burger Magic
  • Burger Party At My Place
  • We Followed Our Hearts And It Led Us To Burgers.
  • Body By Burgers
  • The Best Puns Are Made Of Buns.
  • Heaven Between Two Buns
  • Oh, Loneliness And Cheeseburgers Are A Dangerous Mix.
  • Our Abc’s — Always Be Cheesin’.
  • Who’s The Burger Boss? It’s Me!
  • The Only Bad Burger Is The One You Didn’t Eat.
  • Burger Goals.
  • We All Need To Make Time For A Burger Once In A While.
  • Burger Heaven.
  • Don’t Be Sad…we Live In A World With Cheeseburgers
  • Nice Buns.
  • My Bun And Only.
  • Burgers Are My Favorite Food Group
  • Just Because People Want To Eat The Burger Doesn’t Mean They Want To Meet The Cow. Steve Buscemi
  • Hot Off The Grill.
  • The Journey Of A Thousand Pounds Begins With A Single Burger.

Burger Puns Instagram

  • The More One Adds Into A Burger, The Better It Becomes.
  • Here’s To A Job Well-done.
  • Burger On The Brain
  • Seared Nice And Slow.
  • Burgers Cure What Ails You
  • Every Day Is Cheeseburger Day.
  • Burgers Are Great, But Bacon Burgers Are Magic
  • My Heart Belongs To Burgers.
  • Hasty And Tasty.
  • Say Cheese (Burger)!
  • Sacred Cows Make The Best Hamburger. Mark Twain
  • There’s No “i” In Cheeseburger
  • You’re The Only Bun For Me.
  • Ground Beef Between Your Teeth
  • My Comfort Food.
  • I Only Have Fries For You.
  • Out Of The Strong Came Forth Burger.
  • Our Pickles Are Kind Of A Big Dill.
  • Whoever Invented The Cheeseburger Is A Genius!
  • Burger Goals
  • Extra Cheese, Please
  • Fry Day Is The Best Day
  • Time Fries When I’m With You.
  • Perfect Burgers, Perfect Date.

Burger Captions For Facebook

Burger Instagram Captions
Burger Instagram Captions
  • Hanging With My Grill Friends.
  • The Only Bad Burger Is The One You Didn’t Consume.
  • Burgers — The Ultimate Cheat Meal
  • Don’t Go Bacon My Heart
  • Gouda Is Good, But Cheddar Is Better
  • Holy Cow!
  • Burger Is Always Better.
  • It’s Burger O’clock!
  • So Many Burgers, So Little Time
  • Some Look Good, Some Look Bad, And Some Look Like Something You Want To Eat.
  • I Work Out Because I Love Burgers
  • I Can Haz Cheezburger?

Burger Quotes Instagram

  • Burger Dates For Burger Mates
  • One Burger Won’t Make You Fat. It’ll Only Increases Your Happiness Levels.
  • Nom, Nom, Nom.
  • We Go Together Like A Burger And Fries.
  • Burger Heaven
  • So…we Meat Again
  • Burgerlicious
  • We Don’t Want None Unless You Got Buns Hun
  • When Life Gives You A Hamburger, You Eat It Without Delay!
  • Come For The Burger, Stay For The Fries
  • Today Is Cheat Day!


As the caption shows the love for your picture, the above-mentioned captions will show the love for your burger. These will help to attract more people to your feed as well as a burger. We also have many other captions like this. Before leaving, check them out.

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