65+Best Super Bowl Captions For Instagram-2023

By | May 14, 2022

Hello, guys are you still searching for Super Bowl Captions? Time is ticking down to the Super Bowl. Whether you’re a football fan or not, Super Bowl Sunday is always a good time. In the middle of all this, there’s a performance that puts a smile on your face.

There’s nothing quite like Super Bowl Sunday to let your squad loose. For your Super Bowl party photos, you’ll need some Super Bowl Captions, too.

These are the kinds of memories you won’t soon forget. So you make sure to capture them in photos and stories. Because you can almost guarantee you’ll want to remember the impressive menu that you’ll be serving at your Super Bowl party, you’ll want to be prepared for some food pictures.

A normal spread will include pizza, wings, a variety of chips, dips, and cupcakes. You’re probably getting hungry just thinking about it.

Additionally, a squad photo on the couch while watching the game is also necessary. Therefore, you have to come up with winning captions to pair with the photo. Your snaps. Take a look at these Super Bowl Captions to fuel your Super Bowl plans. For Super Bowl Captions check the list below.

Super Bowl Captions

Super Bowl Captions

I can’t feel my game face.

The only foul I know is double-dipping.

Game faces: on.

On Sundays, we watch football.

Nothing like spending Super Bowl Sunday with friend-chips.

Bring back Beyoncé.

Just remember, football is 80 percent mental and 40 percent physical.

These commercials are making me hungry.

I don’t give a guac.

Football is the one habit I just can’t kick.

The real fantasy football is you thinking your team’s going to win.

Ugh, there’s way too much football between these commercials!

Who put all this football game in between my commercials?

Why is there a football game in the middle of The Weeknd’s concert?

Every Super Bowl, I just wish Left Shark would show up again.

Let’s talk about a 5 to 1 lead.

Yes, I’ve made touchdowns before. Like the time I touched my chip down in the dip.

Whatever happens, I’m eating pizza and that makes me happy.

Where’s Tom Brady?

Time for sportsball!

Keep calm and get your game faces on.

Football just makes me wish I worked out.

Time to huddle…around the chip bowl.

Didn’t catch the Super Bowl, but the Puppy Bowl was a nail biter.

Why go to Miami for the Super Bowl when I could go to tan?

Felt cute. Might watch my team win the Super Bowl later.

Show me the honey… BBQ wings.

Sorry, I can’t keep calm when football is on.

Best Super Bowl Captions For Instagram

When is halftime?

Two female friends cheer and raise their beer bottles on the couch while watching a game.

The only foul I know is double dipping.

Someone pass the guac. I’m wide open.

Calm before the score.

Football is a way of life. — Varsity Blues

You don’t like my team? That’s okay, not everyone has good taste.

Anything is better than last year’s game. ??

You’re looking at the Super Bowl champ! That is, the super bowl of chips I just touched down.

Time to huddle…around the chip bowl.

I don’t bet against really good players.

My idea of a super bowl is a large bowl of guacamole.

What do you mean the Super Bowl isn’t a concert?

Did they score a home run?

This Sunday, I’m wide open for fun.

You are my MVP: most valuable pita chip.

Call me when the Super Bowl rings are onion rings.

Putting on my game face.

Super Bowl Captions For Pictures

Super Bowl Captions

Why doesn’t every football game have a halftime show this good?

My squad also likes to huddle up, but around chips instead.

My game plan is to devour all the snacks.

Feeling tail-great at the Super Bowl party.

Snacks > Football.

Where’s Beyoncé?

Champions play as one.

Why go to Tampa for the Super Bowl when I could go to tan?

*Insert inspirational sports movie monologue here.*

Where’s Tom Brady?

Wake me up when J. Lo and Shakira are on stage.

I’m only watching so Mr. Peanut knows he died a hero.

If Beyoncé’s not here, why am I?

When you dip, I dip, we dip. — Freak Nasty, Da’ Dip

This Sunday, I’m wide open for fun.

Does the Super Bowl come with sides?

Super Bowl Quotes For Instagram

Super Bowl Quotes For Instagram

This beer is my number one draft pick.

I can’t keep calm when my team is on.

I like big punts and I cannot lie.

Is it time for the halftime show yet?

Is it the halftime show yet?

Today’s forecast: 100% chance of winning.

Sorry for what I said during the football game.

*Insert inspirational football movie quote here.*

Just winging it at the Super Bowl party.

This year is the Chiefs’ year!

Show me the honey… BBQ wings.

Just wake me up if Doja Cat ends up making a surprise appearance during halftime.

Super Bowl? Don’t you mean the Bubble Bowl?

Why buy Super Bowl tickets when you could buy Super Bowl food?

When you dip, I dip, we dip.

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