100+Best Tumblr Captions For Instagram-Short Funny IG Ideas

By | March 22, 2022

As we all know how much the internet means to us nowadays, we can’t think of living without the internet. The information we can get from the internet, no one can give this. Through social media also people are updating themselves. We get to know some unknown facts that we should know about from social media and blogs. When you are interested in writing or reading, blogs come in very handy and enjoyable to you.

People are writing such valuable content to aware us and also to help us. And the best part is that they can earn from this also. If you love writing and want to start your blog then you may know about Tumblr. Let your followers know about this with the help of Tumblr captions.

As not everyone knows about this blogging site, let them introduce themselves to the world of blogging by posting about this site with Tumblr captions for Instagram. You can share every detail of this site through Tumblr captions.

In your followers, there may be few people who love writing and want to showcase their talents. But they may not find the perfect platform to present. Let them gt know about this site via Tumblr captions.

Through your Tumblr captions, help someone to live their passion. Inspire them to step into the world of blogging through your Tumblr captions. As it is so a helpful site, you have to make sure to put proper captions. And to get the proper and helpful captions, keep scrolling and check the below-mentioned captions.

Tumblr Captions

Tumblr Captions

Love of My life.

Life is better when you’re laughing.

The gift is all we have. That is why it is called present.

When I feel a little down, I put on my favorite high heels and dance.

The beach: where doing absolutely nothing is doing something.

Be who and what you want, period.

Let go out and join hands.

In a sunshine state of mind.

Beauty and she goes hand in hand.

I cannot pretend to be like them.

A sass a day keeps the basics away.

My goal for 2021 is to glue the pieces that 2020 broke.

I’m on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it.

I stay in vacation mode.

Best Tumblr Captions

I look in love, but I’m just imagining myself on the beach.

Summer is here and I am vibing.

A certainty in this life is that it does not shine by turning off the light of others.

Me, myself and I.


You have the time to make yourself what you want.

She craves on the wall and kindness of people.

I am cute from outside but devilish from inside.

Here is the city girl with lure of experiences.

Make your own sunshine.

Love is never wrong.

Vodka may not be the answer but it’s worth a shot.

Tumblr Ig Captions

Tumblr Captions

It’s us against the whole world, baby.

The beach is calling my name.

Some people experience the days of their life differently.

I am getting chance to tell my feelings to you.

Sorry to taking the same boring face every day.

Every day I try to create the life I desire.

Good and bad, I want to be with you.

I just look better in a Bikini. That is a fact.

No one can define you except you.

Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine.

May 2021 be a wonderful chapter in my crazy history.

Still I am staring you in a room full of art.

One Word Captions Tumblr

She wants to capture every aspect in her life.

Even the stars were jealous of the sparkle in her eyes.

I like to hang out with people who make me forget to look at my phone.

Nothing but good vibes and blue skies.

High tides and good vibes.

Whatever is good for your soul, do that.

A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t.

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.

I thought of you when I get the dollar.

I got to do things my own way darling.

You should be smart enough to let him go.

I prefer my footprints in the sand than the snow.

Tumblr Caption Ideas

But first, let me take a selfie.

Shake your palm palms.

Wrong relationships give you strength to fight for the good.

Love comforteth like sunshine after rain.

Girl, your madness is very similar to mine.

Dreams are made of sand and sun.

I carry your heart.

What if 2021 is the year that changes everything?

You cannot see love with eyes.

Look for the magic in every moment.

I don’t have it in me to give a fuck anymore.

The idea is to die young . . . as late as possible.

Sissy Captions On Tumblr

Tumblr Instagram Captions

Sandy toes, tan lines and ocean waves.

Tears of joy are like the summer rain drops pierced by sunbeams.

A pineapple a day keeps the worries away.

I run after dreams, not people.

I’m all about sun days.

Sunshine is the best medicine.

Oh, the summer night, has a smile of light, and she sits on a sapphire throne.

Follow the sun.

Do more things that make you forget to check your phone.

Target for 2021: love me a little more.

I am waiting for the thing that will not happen.

You are my favorite notification.

Funny Captions Tumblr

You lose the one who is not good to you.

Scream from mountaintops.

What’s meant to be will always find a way.

Things I do in the gym: 20% work-out, 80% selfies!

Simply, they hurt you does not mean you need them.

I hope the memory of me kill you.

You should be thankful for all the wrong relationships that transformed your life.

In reality, there is no successful conclusion.

If you didn’t exist, I would do anything to invent them.

I live my life on a mission to find my best version.

The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world’s joy.

Right now I am alone, soon be in your arms.

After me, they broke the mold.

We love the things we love for what they are.

From life I just want peace and quiet.

I’m too cool to care about small things.

My soul mate? It sure is my best friend.

Do not do something that your girlfriend/ boyfriend do not want.

Captions For Instagram Tumblr

I was born to shine.

Cupcakes are muffins that believe in miracles.

Every moment matters.

Behind a great woman there are always several crazy friends.

When I saw your smile, I thought: now it’s screwed.

Find me under the palms.

Did you say exercise? Or extra fries?

Girls just wanna have sun.

All beautiful things are around you.

O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?

You need not to be pretty like her.

Summer is the best. Are you with me?

No more winters. Summers for president!

I’m dreaming of a hot summer.

Thug girl who flies and talks so nicely.

Sometimes what you want doesn’t deserve you.

If music be the food of love, play on.

Clear your mind of can’t.

Selfie Captions Tumblr

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.

You should not judge someone by the opinions of others.

I am taking you to travel the beautiful places.

Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.

Simple hug and cure big issues of life.

I love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket.

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.

Don’t check for me unless you have a check for me.

You were there with me, everywhere I go.

My hairstyle today is called “at least I tried”.

Some girls are born with glitter in their veins.

I’m a vibe that no one else can replace.

Short Tumblr Captions For Instagram

Sun, sand and pineapple in hand.

Where there is love, there is life.

Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air.

I’m not gonna sugar coat the truth, I’m not Willy Wonka.

Sometimes, you have haunted by an idea of wasting your life.

April showers bring May flowers.

She prefers to be in black, with a most colorful mind.

And I who thought I would never fall in love with anyone?

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.

I was born to shine

I only want two things in this world: you and us.

Happiness is air-conditioning on a hot summer night.

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